Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Weekend in Pictures

Last weekend we went out to the country with a few of the married couples from out Marriage group. It was supposed to be a whole group outing but only three of us couples were able to make it. All the same, it was AMAZING! The house was beautiful and beautifully decorated, we had some delicious bbq - Chilean style, and we felt like we were in the middle of Bend, OR. This part of the region - called Costa Seca, where the land is still very close to the coast, but there isn't the humidity the coast has - is very similar to the dry but green you see in Bend. We were also able to share out faith a little bit, as one of the husbands that came isn't a believer. 

Here are some photos of the trip and rest of the weekend:

 The house, a country cabin
It even had a pool, pretty lux, but it broke during the earthquake last year
The men getting the barbecue ready
The meat grilling
Slingshot 101
Enjoying some Choripan
 Salted to perfection
Almost ready to eat
One of the couples brought their daughter (who is in my Sunday school kids class) and her friend, and they loved hearing English and asking questions about the United States. By the end of the night they had made me these - SO cute. El Campo means "the country" - because we were out in the country.
We made these little evangelism bracelets in Sunday school this week, simple but a great way to share your faith (significance of colors HERE). I totally meant to get a picture with all the kids, but it slipped my mind. 


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  1. How fun! Getting away from the everyday always brings a new perspective on everything!