Monday, April 25, 2011

He is risen!

The Easter celebration we had at church was pretty mellow here, Jordan made some bookmarks for people with a verse from John on them, as well as the tri-fold with all the service information. 

On top of that, it was our group's turn to set up and tear down. (Since the church here rents the space they use for Sunday service, they have divided the congregation into 5 or 6 groups so that every week a different group comes early to set everything up, provide the coffee break treats, etc.) I made about 100 cookies, and they went like hotcakes! 

The kids and I had a great time, it was our last Sunday together for awhile – and because it was Easter we had a big celebration for the resurrection of Jesus! It was great, and we had some time left over so I pulled out a VeggieTales Go Fish game that they love to play. It's pretty funny because the cards are all various fishes – in English – so the kids are always laughing about the pronunciation of the names. Whale comes out “wally” and eel comes out “ale” very cute.

Happy Easter to all of you!
Missy and Jordan

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