Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Well, you can't leave a country without some sort of crazyness, and ours happened the night before we left Tome. I, Missy, in my desire to get the house spic-and-span before we left decided I just had to fish out some spoons that had fallen behind the sink in between the wall. Of course, moving the sink out (it isn't attached to the wall just a free-floating furniture piece) I pulled out one of the pipes from the faucet – thus spraying water EVERYWHERE.

Yes, there was yelling, yes there was running around trying to stop the flow with towels, napkins, all those ridiculous things that don't really help anything, yes tempers were high - when I remembered to turn off the water at the shut off valve outside (this is my second time breaking a pipe in Chile, the Capstone team can vouch for another caper I had breaking a pipe). Did I know where the valve was? Nope. Did Jordan? Tampoco. (No) Was it pitch dark? Yep. But after running around in the dark, coming back in for a flashlight, then running around some more, we found it, turned it off, and looked at the damage.

Mind you, I had JUST finished cleaning the house for our departure, ready to go to bed, get some sleep, all that great stuff. And I had just flooded the kitchen with a good inch of water. Great. And to top it off – I had actually broken the faucet, so that had to be fixed before we left.

Now, I had to wait about a day to be able to write about this, because we both had to come to the place where we could laugh about had been a little stressful getting ready to go, it had been a long weekend, and we'd been working hard. Needless to say, at the time it wasn't at all funny. But, we've moved on, chalked it up to a good experience as a married couple, and can appreciate how the other handled the situation. I mopped water, Jordan got some tools, I mopped some more water, Jordan fixed the pipe, we both mopped more water, and eventually were able to get to bed.

Great adventure, great company, glad we laugh and Jordan can forgive me for being the insane cleaner that I am (we did get the spoons by the way, when we had to move the sink to mop up water and mess with some pipes – and you better believe I made sure I cleaned back there when I had the chance as well – that's how insane my cleaning gene is). And, I think I really learned my lesson about what is worth it when you are trying to leave a house for 2 months – and spoons – are not.

Have a great day – we'd of course love to hear other stories of madness you've experienced!
Missy (and Jordan)

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