Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Coming Home

Well, with the Easter service came our time to hop on a bus and head out to Santiago to return home. We are leaving on Tuesday evening, and arriving in Portland on Wednesday. 

It seemed to come out of nowhere (minus the fact that we have been working super hard to prepare the house for winter while we are gone) and it was hard to say goodbye. We've made some amazing friends down here, and it is honestly difficult to believe that we've only been here a little over 7 months, because we simply feel so close to everyone. 

We got to say some goodbyes at church, everyone gave us lectures that we must return, and both of us cannot imagine saying goodbye for good. It is incredible how much we have grown together here in Tome, but also how serving this group of believers and their community has made us feel so connected, so blessed, and so much apart of them. We are going to miss life down here in Chile, but at the same time are excited to come home and share with all of you the mountains God is moving down here!

May you have a blessed day, and if you think of it – pray for our travels!
Jordan and Missy

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