Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Knitting Ministry

Well, looking back over the past few posts, we've got a lot of food going on in this blog - so I thought I'd add something different today!

Yesterday I went to visit our dear friend Denis in the hospital, for more info on Denis go here. Anyway, she has been in the hospital for about 3 weeks now, and we are praying that her stay will not be too much longer. At this point things are just moving slowly...as many public hospitals just don't have the staff/resources/etc. to move super quick. I snapped a few pictures of the hospital so you can get an idea of what one of top hospitals in the Concepcion area looks like. 

Heading toward the visitor entrance, I believe that new front entrance is more more ER stuff and day visits...because we always just head to these back buildings where they have the long-term patients

Jordan and I were able to visit her a few weeks ago, and I also was able to go last Friday for a visit - unfortunately this hospital is about an hour away by bus, so it isn't the easiest to get to. After our initial visit, I really felt like I would be cool to get a knitting ministry going like the one we have at our church back home. I set out to knit Denis a scarf, all the while praying for her as I worked. I was able to give it to her yesterday - and explain to her the idea behind a "prayer scarf." 
I added a little tag, with a Bible verse on the back for encouragement. 

After visiting her a few times (which has been a bit of a challenge from the Lord - I'm not the best "hospital visitor" so to speak, never knowing what to say, worrying about what to do, etc.) I realize that she is a little discouraged, and how could you not be? There's no tv or anything to distract you, you've got 7 other women in your room with varying degrees of serious illnesses. And while sitting in a bed all day could sound like a vacation, it probably gets really old really fast...so pray for speedy recovery!

Overall, to sum things up: please continue to prayer for Denis, for encouragement, blessings each day, and health. She is such a wonderful woman, I don't want to have to travel an hour to see her! :) Also, new ministry - knitting prayer scarves! I think we will be having a knitting session next week with some of the women, which will be a really good time of fellowship. Have a great Tuesday.


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