Friday, January 28, 2011

English Class Bonanza

English Class 1

This week I had the opportunity to offer an intensive English language class for beginners. It was a really good experience, and wonderful practice, to teach English for about 3 hours a day, all week. Yes, it was a lot of work, but I think that all in all, it went really well.

English Class 2

We had about 7 students, all youth, who came in with varying degrees of English language knowledge. They all were fabulous learners, and we had a lot of fun together. I am offering another course in two weeks, and I look forward to preparing it for more people, possibly adults because it will be held in the evening.

Shorbread Cookies

For the final class, I wanted to make something a little different, so I went with shortbread chocolate-dipped cookies. Jordan and I tried three different versions last night; cinnamon, orange, and coffee, and I ended up going with the orange – it was a hit! It's super easy, and you can find the recipe here.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

School Sharing

School Kids

Last fall, (or Spring in our case) we were invited to share in a Religions class at a local school here in Tome. It was a great opportunity not only to practice our Spanish (we had no translators) but also to share our testimonies with the kids. Schools here are a little different in that all children attend a Religions class as part of their education (they can opt out if their parents decide). Each Religion class is a little different because the professors of these classes are allowed to teach their own religion. Kinda different huh?

Jordan School

Anyway, Jordan and I were able to share with the students a little bit about why we are here, where we are from, and how we got to where we are in our lives (they were all very interested in hearing the story of how we met and got married as well). We then played some games with them outside, and had an overall great experience. We were able to visit this school because one of our friends from church is the teacher, and his students really enjoy hearing from people from different countries/backgrounds/etc.

Missy School

It was really neat to see this part of live here, and feel blessed to have opportunities like this to get to know more people/places/make more connections to this city. And, playing with the kids was a blast because, really – kids in Chile are no different from kids in Portland - minus the fact that their school uniforms include these really cool lab coats. Whenever we look over at the school across the hill from us Jordan describes it like "watching a mini laboratory.”


Missy and Jordan

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Merge Team Visit!

Last week we had a super busy week hosting a Merge team from Wisconsin. They were a great group, 12 in all. They stayed in host homes in Tome their first night and the rest in an emergency shelter camp that is in Dichato, the nearby town that was destroyed after the earthquake.

Team on their day off exploring Dichato

They spent the week really working hard to bring running water to 28, that's right, 28 houses! Jordan and I weren't sure they'd be able to do it all in a week, but they were super motivated and a very encouraging sight to the people living in camp. They were able to dig trenches to each house, put in all of the pipes, and install sinks and showers outside of every home. (For just about a year, the homes have had no water to them, and so the people of the camp share 6 port-a-potties and 4 showers built shortly after the earthquake. They get their potable water from 2 large cisterns at the entrance to the camp and use that to cook and clean with. The showers are connected to a non-potable water source that comes from the hill nearby.) After finishing the installation at each of the houses, the team built a new tower for 2 more water cisterns, to bring more water from the hill to supply each house water to wash and cook with. It isn't technically potable, but it can be boiled.

Team with members of our church and people from Dichato

The team left with only the connection in the hill left to finish. The people are so close to having water in their homes, the contractor we were working with is finishing it up this week – so hopefully we can get a video up of some homes with running water soon!

Team with finished water tower

Jordan and I each had roles on the Merge staff, I was in charge of meals and he was in charge of the translating for the construction project. Cool right? It was really fun being part of the Merge experience, and Jordan did an AMAZING job translating. We had a great week, and made some great friends, from both Dichato and from Wisconsin. Thanks guys for all the hard work you did!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Last Night I Heard the Ocean

...and it was beautiful. I laid in bed and realized that hearing the waves here is a nightly occurrence, but that I hadn't really stopped and just listened in awhile. It's amazing how quickly we can take things for granted in life. Yes, we have had an amazing trip so far, and I don't believe either one of us has really taken for granted the fact that we are actually down here, living in Chile, working as missionaries. And yes, there has been many ups and downs - but with this kind of friend - how could you be down for long right??

But seriously, we've been so busy part of me feels like while trying so hard not to take our time down here for granted - what with all the activities we are doing, serving opportunities we've been involved in, and times of sharing the love of God with the Chilean people - maybe we have missed out on appreciating some of the simplest things.

Like the sound of the waves at night.

We've got loads to update you with, and that's all coming your way very soon, but if I could leave you with one thought it would be this - what is something simple in your life you could be missing or taking for granted? Something God might want to bring your attention to; like the comfort of a home with running water, your spouse sleeping next to you, a coffee maker that finally works, or the beauty that He's created in the morning sunrise. Maybe just take a minute or two today to really again (or for the first time) appreciate what that thing is, and maybe even thank God for it!

Love and Blessings to you all today, much much more to come.
Missy (and Jordan)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Portraits of Missy

These are a few portraits of Missy taken in the last month. We have some really big updates to get your way in the coming days. We are very Busy right now, We are working with a Merge Team in Dichato right now for a week, and tomorrow (saturday the 15th) Jordan is traveling 7 hours south to film a conference with Pastor Luciano, and his wife Alejandra. Thank you for all of your support and prayers!

Jordan and Missy Reid

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pactoween 2010

This was an event held on the night of halloween here in Chile as an alternative to a lot of the other things that go on during the night. It was a two day event that entailed a lot of great activities, times of worship, and fellowship. All these photos were taken during the night with the youth while playing capture the flag, and sitting around the campfire.

-Jordan and Missy Reid

Thursday, January 6, 2011

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