Friday, January 14, 2011

Portraits of Missy

These are a few portraits of Missy taken in the last month. We have some really big updates to get your way in the coming days. We are very Busy right now, We are working with a Merge Team in Dichato right now for a week, and tomorrow (saturday the 15th) Jordan is traveling 7 hours south to film a conference with Pastor Luciano, and his wife Alejandra. Thank you for all of your support and prayers!

Jordan and Missy Reid

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  1. Hi Guys,
    Andie and I are getting caught up on your blog, watching your videos and missing ya.
    Andie says, "I miss you and I want you to come back." And, "we want to say that we love you." "Missy come back for me and I'll give you a little present...and Jordan."
    We do realize that we may have to come visit you instead, which we would mind a bit.
    Steph just put the twins down and also says hello and we miss you.
    Looks like your days are full and God is using you in many ways. Praying for your days and the lives you are touching.
    The Wiebers