Thursday, January 27, 2011

School Sharing

School Kids

Last fall, (or Spring in our case) we were invited to share in a Religions class at a local school here in Tome. It was a great opportunity not only to practice our Spanish (we had no translators) but also to share our testimonies with the kids. Schools here are a little different in that all children attend a Religions class as part of their education (they can opt out if their parents decide). Each Religion class is a little different because the professors of these classes are allowed to teach their own religion. Kinda different huh?

Jordan School

Anyway, Jordan and I were able to share with the students a little bit about why we are here, where we are from, and how we got to where we are in our lives (they were all very interested in hearing the story of how we met and got married as well). We then played some games with them outside, and had an overall great experience. We were able to visit this school because one of our friends from church is the teacher, and his students really enjoy hearing from people from different countries/backgrounds/etc.

Missy School

It was really neat to see this part of live here, and feel blessed to have opportunities like this to get to know more people/places/make more connections to this city. And, playing with the kids was a blast because, really – kids in Chile are no different from kids in Portland - minus the fact that their school uniforms include these really cool lab coats. Whenever we look over at the school across the hill from us Jordan describes it like "watching a mini laboratory.”


Missy and Jordan

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