About us

We are the Reids. We love to experience the world together. We have traveled and worked with people in different areas and feel the Lord's calling for us to step out of our comfort zone and work with people regardless of how different their culture or religion may be to us. Currently, we are serving for 3 years in Tome, Chile. Learning about the culture, people, and language, we have the opportunity to come alongside an Evangelical Christian church and begin/support many amazing ministries. This is our journey!

About Missy
              The first thing you should know about Missy is that she is no ordinary lady, while it may seem so at first, she is capable or extraordinary things. She loves to be exploring in many ways, it may be physically exploring by; running or hiking, mentally exploring by; reading, researching, or going through old travel books,  or even dreaming; she goes to the craziest places in her dreams. I enjoy traveling with her so much because she is so open to try new stuff, and she is also so good at interacting with other people in a really genuine way. She has lived in Oregon most of her life, spending a few months in Santander Spain.

About Jordan
             Jordan is a man of many interests, including but not limited to: photography, biking, hiking, filming, reading, drawing, drinking coffee, playing sim city, enjoying cold days, taking neighbor dogs on walks, eating pasta, and coming up with new ideas on nearly a daily basis. His desire is to step outside of what some might call a normal life and be a part of something bigger. He experiences the Lord in very unique ways, and through that loves people and life in a manner that is very true and authentic.