Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Thursday

So today we were busy like bees getting the house ready for when we are gone -- mostly Jordan working in the yard chopping wood, putting it undercover, and then finishing the fence to keep Imac in. He does an amazing job with all that stuff, like really amazing. Anyway, I need to put up some pictures of all the wood we hauled up on Tuesday, it took a little over an hour with both of us going up and down the stairs carrying hundreds of logs up to store for the winter. It was crazy hard, I felt like I was back in cross country trying to finish a've gotta dig deep when you are carrying logs up 85 stairs. Seriously.

This evening we had a belated birthday party for our friend Dario after English class and prayer, it was cool to hang out with a bunch of the youth before we head home. Pictures to come!

I figured I needed to put some pictures on the post to make it more here's a random story about the dog.

The dog is named Imac because she loves apples. Apple ie computers ie Macintosh ie Imac. Well one day Jordan picked a bunch of apples up in the camp and brought them back for me to use for a pie...they were sitting in his open backpack waiting to be peeled when I turned around and there was one on the floor. Hmm, interesting...I come back out a few minutes later to find this little lady with the tell-tale stem of an apple on her bed - in like 5 minutes she had seriously grabbed the apple out of J's backpack and gobbled up the whole thing! Needless to say I washed all of the apples really good after finding out I had an apple thief under my roof.

Oh that Imac...
Have a great Good Friday,

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  1. Imac is cute! Did you guys book a flight yet?