Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Marriage Group Retreat

Last weekend our marriage group had a retreat at a house just outside of town. The theme was prayer, and we had a great time of fellowship with music, lots of food, and awesome prayer as couples and as a group.

"Los Gordos" some great friends of ours

Pastor Luciano leading worship

The women preparing the meal

Delicious food

Food and fellowship

It was also Oswaldo's birthday that day, and his wife made an AMAZING cake

Little ones

Playing under the table

We had a great time! 
Blessings today,

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  1. Yeah! This is what church and the Body of Jesus is. You're on a good path -- prayer, singing, fellowship/relationship, breaking bread together, teaching/receiving the Word of God. (and the joy of the Spirit that comes with it). I seem to have tears of joy whenever I read your blog and see all that is going on in Tome and Dichato.
    Dad R.