Monday, November 7, 2011


In thinking back upon the last year we have spent as missionaries in Chile, we were reflecting on just how many amazing people we have met through this experience. We have met so many who speak two, three, four different languages; people who are full-time career missionaries; people living "outside the norm" by following the call the Lord has placed on their lives; people simply living for Jesus every day. It has been amazing to take off the lenses of an American, and instead see the world a bit from the perspective of other missionaries, as well as the Chileans...and Swedish...and Mexicans...and Argentinians, Ecuadorians, etc. that we've met.

We celebrated the church's 12th anniversary this Sunday, and had the pleasure of having a man from Sweden over for dinner. This man doesn't just speak his native Swedish, and flawless Spanish, but English, and French as well. It was amazing to hear about his life, where the Lord has led him, and what the Lord has done through him that has impacted thousands of people.

Krister and Luciano

His name is Krister, and he started Acts 29 - I posted about it here - and it truly is an amazing program that has cross-culturally connected so many people and shared the gospel in awesome ways. They currently have programs in Chile, Ecuador, Sweden, Spain, the Congo, and Mexico - and are working on expanding it even more.

He has lived and traveled practically all over the world, and even just sitting down to a meal with him for a few hours was such an encouragement to us, in how he spoke about Jesus, the Bible, and life. We are very thankful to have met him, so if you think of it be praying for Acts 29 and Krister and his wife.

So many amazing people have been interwoven into this missionary journey we are on, and it is such an encouragement to see how the Lord is working all over the world!

Blessings to you today,
Jordan and Missy

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