Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hasta Luego Karen

Last week one of our dear friends from the youth group left for Acts 29 in Ecuador for 3 months. Don't know what Acts 29 is? Well it is a great exchange program that many of the youth from our church down here have participated in. A 3-month Bible school that takes place in Sweden, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Congo, and India. Here is a video of some of the things the school has done in Tome. The students all live together, half being from one nation and half from another (Chile and Sweden usually exchange students for example) and spend their days learning about the Bible (all classes being translated into both languages), evangelizing in the city with dramas, and going on weekend excursions to serve in other churches in the area. It's a really cool program that has helped many of our youth mature in their faith, given them the chance to travel to other countries, and allowed them to learn more about evangelism. It's called Acts 29 because the book of Acts only has 28 chapters, so in doing acts as Christ's disciples we are the continuation of the book - thus chapter 29.

Anyway, back to Karen, one of our friends from the youth group that left last week to attend this program. Missy hosted a women's night at our house the night before Karen left, and it was great to pray over her in preparation for her trip. It was both exciting and nerve-racking for Karen, being the first time travelling outside of Chile and ever flying in an airplane. It was fun to be there to see her off - sending people off at the bus station is a tradition here in Tome.


 Karen, Pastor Luciano, Karen's mom


Goofing around.

Getting the bags ready.

Chao Karen!!

Missy and Jordan

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