Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Please excuse us, as it has been nearly two weeks without a word from us. We were a little sick for about a week and a half, and were laying a little low. Then this weekend we got the opportunity to celebrate Chile's independence day for the second time (Their 201st year).

So for the past few days we have been very busy with activities for the church, in the community, and today Pastor Luciano and Jordan began to work to finalize helping families in a few of the camps who still don't have bathrooms to get them in their house. We have been filming many interviews, we are working on translating them and will put them up here soon.

Below is a video of the festivities that were held at the church on Saturday night to celebrate the "Fiestas Patrias" Enjoy!

Jordan and Missy

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  1. Great video - I felt like I was there - the music was infectious and I had a smile on my face during the whole thing! I love the ending credit/logo sign off too! Glad you are both feeling better!