Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Making Pudding!

The past few weeks I've tried my hand at making chocolate pudding for a few events (and for the two of us when one of us get a craving). They don't have any jell-o pudding mixes here, so it's all from scratch, but it really isn't as hard to make as I would have thought! Just go here for the recipe.

Hope you have a bit of time to enjoy some sweet treats of your own this week!

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  1. Missy,
    I really enjoy the photos of your recipes. I will be visiting your site every few weeks to get an update for the riversgate site. I just replaced your funny blog on midges with what you will be doing this october. i said you'd be doing bathrooms and the interview/translating thing. it isn't an exact quote, but it's pretty close.

    lisa stewart