Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Desayunando con Amigos

Last week we were invited to breakfast with a pastor in Tome, along with a special guest who was staying with him and his family for a few days. 

We got a quick shot of the two of us.

Here is Cesar, our pastor friend (who also speaks great English from living in the US for a few years) and Patty, a woman visiting from California.

It was wonderful to meet someone new, share our experiences in Tome, and speak English for awhile! 

We decided to walk home instead of taking a bus or taxi, it wasn't raining at the moment.

Also, the walk was completely downhill.

It was also an opportunity to see some great views of the bay.

Always fun to meet new people, enjoy a meal, and spend some time with another American abroad.
Blessings to you all today,
Missy and Jordan

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