Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lately I've been making cookies like a crazy person... for Pactoween, Alpha every Saturday, and to satisfy the extreme sweet tooth both J and I have. Busting out 100 cookies a week for Alpha has challenged me to find some good recipes that don't use a lot of ingredients, and that yield a high amount of cookies. One of my current favorites (which the 50+ people at Alpha have also given rave reviews for) is this one. It's chocolaty, doesn't use a ton of ingredients, and I can make about 90 cookies per batch.

To make evenly-sized cookies I use a teaspoon measure

My other current go-to for our home is this one. IT. IS. AMAZING. But, it takes a long time to put together, including some overnight time in the fridge, so with this recipe I will make a batch, roll out the balls, and then stick them in the freezer to pull out small batches at a time. This was an idea I got from my pastor's wife -- thanks Heidi!! -- and it has worked super well for us. I can pull out 2 cookies for an after-lunch dessert for J and I to satisfy that sweet craving without gorging, a few when we have unexpected guests over, or when we take a meal to a neighbor. It's awesome! And, I usually can get a good 50 cookies out of the batch, which means it lasts at least around 2 weeks. The bonus is that it is seriously the best cookie ever, so even after being frozen for a week it comes out perfect and chewy and crispy --- pure amazing-ness.


Sifting cake flour

Spooning out the dough

The cookie balls getting ready to go in the freezer (I first freeze them on a flat surface than stick them in a plastic freezer bag so as to not take up space)

Just the other day we had a few pastors over for dinner, and one of them was joking to the others about how I must have won Jordan over using my awesome cookies. Jordan, of course, then explained that I could barely cook when we got married! My cover was blown! But seriously, follow this recipe to a tee and you will impress everyone with your culinary skills (Or at least your cookie-making skills).


PS - Have you guys seen this recipe?? Very tempting to try, but I'd need a really good reason to do it...

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