Friday, November 18, 2011

Food and a Friend

Now that it's November, there are more and more signs of the up and coming summer....

There is street construction EVERYWHERE. Tome is getting ready for tourist season.

The main road through town.

Hanging my laundry the other day I came out to find a friend in my laundry basket.

These little guys are super cute, and the cat has fun attempting (and failing) to hunt them.

We had a super-special-summer dinner the other night - homemade hamburgers, corn on the cob, and iced tea.

Complete with strawberry shortcake!

Hope you all are enjoying the coziness of fall up there in the northern hemisphere!
Jordan and Missy

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  1. Great photos...and how nice to see strawberry shortcake. Juxtapose those photos with endless leaves, rain, a cozy fire (thanks to the hours of back breaking swinging of the axe by Jordan) and a just decorated Christmas tree. The kids were awesome getting the ornaments on the tree and making sure everyone is comfortable in the manger.
    Crey and I are sitting in the living room looking at your site, enjoying the fire and looking forward to seeing you two. Frey says, "hi to Missy and Jordan". And he wants to send the Christmas tree to you.