Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Market Steals!

Good morning everyone,
Just thought I would share with all of you the fabulous-ness that is the outdoor market here in Tome. Now, I know I've done other post on the market, but today I just had to give you an idea of the wonder that is the Feria.   Last week, I was all set to go to the market, and J was like - wait, you really think that they have the market in the dead of winter?? And I was like, oh...good point. Saturday market and the farmers markets for the most part shut down in winter in Portland. But, I thought I would give it a go anyway and alas, it was there! In full swing might I add. I don't know if it's the range of climates Chile has or what, but they seriously had all the fruits and veggies you could imagine at this farmers market....and nothing has a sticker that says Made in Peru or anything.

So, all that to say - here is what I bought this morning at our fair market :

- 1 kilo carrots
- 1 kilo tomatoes
- 1 kilo lemons
- 1/4 kilo olives
- 1 kilo bananas
- A bunch of beets
- Spinach
- 6 large onions
- 1 broccoli
...not to mention 20 pounds of potatoes that are in the white bag behind the bananas.

Awesome!! And, it was just under $10 dollars, a steal for sure!

Many blessings today,

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