Saturday, July 30, 2011

Preuniversitario Paidagogos

Yesterday I got the chance to go to Concepcíon and spend some time and take some photos around Pastor Luciano's preuniversity. Before we left I had the chance to design a large sign for them to display outside the building, and I was sad to find out that since we had been gone someone had gotten up on the building and shredded the sign to pieces with a knife. Luciano asked me if I would be willing to re-do it, making a few changes that the staff wanted, and of course I was happy to help. So I was surprised when I got off the bus and saw the new sign already up and in place.

The students are on winter break right now for the preuniversity, but from the same building a number of pastors from the area also teach on Bible themes every friday. It is really neat to see the amount of people, especially youth, that come to these classes on their friday nights for 3 hours ( one class from 7-8ish pm, a small break then another class till around 10). I also found out that because Pastor Luciano was feeling a little under the weather our friend Pastor César would be taking over the teaching for the day. I got to spend some time with him and the youth pastor Fernando while they were getting ready for the nights classes. 

Pastor Fernando on the left, and Pastor César on the right in the teachers area getting ready (yes I am allowed to be back there)
Fernando has quite the music touch
We mentioned César in the post about Dichato, and it has been really awesome to get to spend more time with him, He is pouring so much of himself into the Dichato community and you can really see how connected he is with the people there. We also got the chance to have "Once" (the dinner meal down here) with him and his wife the other night which was really fun. 

Then an impromptu jam session started, then english songs started.

After that it was time to start classes, I was supposed to be photographing what was going on in the whole building, but I got trapped behind some students, and ended up staying for all of Césars class, it was quite good.

Talking about a point on the quite small whiteboard. 

He was talking about the minor prophets this day

After that we drove in Césars car back to Tomé, and I went up the stairs to check on Missy and make sure she was ok. And this is what I found the in house waiting for me...

Thankfully I was able to get a fire going pretty quick. Hope you are all enjoying your summer weather!

Jordan and Missy

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