Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our weekend...a little late

First of all, if you haven't read this post, go there now!

But if you have, wasn't it good? Jordan did a great job sharing some of the things that have been happening in Dichato these days. It's a really good reminder of how much we actually have.

I wanted to share with all of you some of our pictures from the weekend, our first real weekend back here in Chile. (Though we were already technically here the weekend before last, this one felt more "real" because J filmed the service and I taught Sunday school, as opposed to us just dragging our jet-lagged and time-zone changed bodies to church like we did the week before.)

We came home to a lovely greeting, did we mention that the night we arrived the youth had waited for the bus for 3 hours in the cold just to welcome us?? That's commitment, seriously. (We didn't have any way of communicating with them when our bus would arrive - we had left our Chilean cell phones in Tome)

Here are some pictures of our house, it's a little hard to get good ones because it is on a hill.

This is a new addition to our front yard...the owner of our house lives above us, and is building a cart system so that he doesn't have to carry things up the 90+ stairs. Hes 86, and I'd probably be doing the same thing.

 Here's Imac headed off to the beach!

 The beach isn't too busy these days, since it's winter and most students are in school.

Jordan getting used to his new glasses, we had to pray like crazy for them to get to Portland on time before we left, but they arrived safe and sound from China, with days to spare! The Chileans think they make him look like Woody Allen. 

 Saturday morning we had ourselves some french toast, a near-weekly tradition we have while in Tome - nice reminder of home.

 The girls and I went and visited an old-folks home on Saturday afternoon. We brought them little marshmallow candies. There are 2 homes in Tome (that I know of) for the elderly. Here it is a lot different, because the only people living at these homes are those who don't have families, or who can't live with their family. Most of these people were very sweet, but only a few in the home are able to communicate. The home is run by nuns, and while they are pretty strict, they let us hang out with everyone in the common room for about an hour.

 Teaching Sunday school this week was SO fun! It was really great to be back. We learned about Gedeon, and the kids loved the story. 

 I asked everyone to draw something from the story that stood out to them, this little gal was drawing the caves where the Israelites hid.

 This guy's drawing was awesome! He drew the angel appearing to Gedeon, check out how he put the (!) over Gedeon's head, so cute.

Another one drew the soldiers drinking water from the river.

All in all, super great to be back!
Many blessings to you today,

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