Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tired of Being Tired?*

Hey Everyone,
Jordan is working on an amazing post about what is going on in Dichato these days...there have been some truly tense situations between the government and the people displaced by the tsunami, but while we wait for some videos to upload I thought I would share something on the lighter side.

I've been super tired lately, ever since we got here. And while yes, we were dealing with becoming integrated again into the busy life of full-time missionaries and Spanish-speakers, feeling tired all the time isn't fun! We went to the beach yesterday with the dog and then I was able to "double-dip" some exercise and errand running by literally running to the grocery store, I'm really off my game as far as exercising goes. That said, I thought I would share on of my go-to work-outs when I just want to do SOMETHING. I like this workout because it is super easy, you don't need anything, you can do it anywhere, and you are getting a short mix both cardio and strength training. AND it doesn't take very long, so you can do it quick before your morning shower or during one of those short quiet times you have while the kids are napping. (I always have the dog trying to workout with me so I know it's possible to do even with a bit of distraction.)

Here is the link. Like I said, doing 2 reps is only 16 mins! So put on some music, start a stopwatch, and on the top of every minute change moves! Easy easy! Also, I know that a few of the moves can be rough on the knees, so I usually switch out the lunges on the second rep with more abs or jumping jacks.

My choice music for this? Yelle or CSS, the former being a French pop artist that I LOVE and the latter having a specific song called "Move" that you can't help but tap your feet to.

So seriously, fight the tiredness! If you do nothing else active - try to start incorporating this every other day!

Imac tired after helping me exercise

Blessings, Missy

*So I know if you go to the workout website you'll see the ad with the exact same title, I just had to copy it though, because it was one of those things where I read it and was like "YES! I AM! You are describing me!" But then I saw it was an ad for some random sports drink which I'm sure I can't get here in Chile so my excitement petered off...but not enough to not copy the name.

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  1. Keep up the exercise girl! Maybe all the traveling has been you tired (time zone changes & weather changes). Praying for your health.