Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Fabulous Husband

So I've been thinking about how much I appreciate my husband, and I thought I would share with all of you in a short "Jordan Appreciation" picture post. Yes, this might be a little sappy, and yes, it has little to do with our Chile Mission, but you were warned so move along if you don't feel like reading any further!

 This is Jordan, my husband, and I can't think of anyone better to live life together with here in Portland, and down in South America. We enjoy walking, and since we have many friends with dogs here in Portland, we get extra walking companions now and then! (Jordan will even walk both dogs while I have my hands full drinking an iced tea and taking pictures)
 Here is Jordan busy reading with one of our friends' kids. We've had some free time up here to babysit and it has been so cool to see Jordan spend more time around kids - he's a natural, and super patient - he's gonna be a great dad. 
 This is Jordan instructing me in how to fix some sort of camera/computer technical difficulty. Again, his patience is incredible, especially when he has to explain something to me upteen times and I still don't get it.
 This is Jordan and our good friend Chad, one thing about Jordan is that he is a very loyal friend, and truly has a servant's heart (see picture below)
So here is the whole reason I decided I finally needed to do this post. This is Jordan chopping wood, he's been helping our friend chop up a tree that they took down in their backyard a few months ago. Its hard work, but J decided to go ahead and come over today, while our friends are out, to finish up. This is his servant heart in action. Yes, he has a bunch of wood that will need to be chopped once we go back to Chile, but does that stop him from helping out a friend? No way man! 
So Jordan, here's to you today - I love you! The Lord has made you so unique and wonderful, what a gift to be along for the ride with you for the rest of our lives!

Blessings to you and all those you love!

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  1. You have a wonderful heart for your husband!! Thanks for sharing!