Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Celebrating 2 Years

So, thought we'd share some quick pictures of what our day held yesterday.

Jordan on our restaurant excursion. There are about 2.5 real sit-down restaurants in Tome, and though we've never really been to any, we thought we would try this one out that recently opened. It was a hit!

Showing off my glass of juice.

Peach juice, yum!

 Even though we were pretty full from some great salmon, we splurged for dessert too - coffee mousse - delicious!

All gone.

Took a walk in the center. See the oddity in this picture? (Hint: it's a large dog sitting atop a building...)

Finished the day with a movie and family time. Wait, what's that black thing that looks like a cat that is cuddling with the dog? Why, it's a cat! 

....More on that later 

Love, Missy

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