Monday, March 21, 2011

Carol's Visit: At the Market

Jordan's mom, Carol, recently had the opportunity to come down here for a visit, and we had a blast showing her around! One of our first few days with her we stopped by the outdoor market that is held in Tome every Tuesday and Friday. We will have to get more pictures, because these just don't do the market justice - what with all the stands and kilos upon kilos of fresh fruit and veggies.

$400 el kilo, meaning about 80 cents for 2.2 pounds of apples, pretty good deal considering they are also super fresh!

Picking out the perfect head of lettuce.

One cool thing about Chile, because it is such a long country each region has it's own climate, so the country can grow just about any fruit/vegetable you can think of. It's nice when you can look at all the little stickers they put on the fruit and they say "grown in Chile"
... or at least the Spanish translation of that :)

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