Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This last Sunday marked a major event here in Chile, the anniversary of the earthquake of 2010 and following tsunami. The entire weekend was a reminder of how fresh this event still is in the minds of the Chileans that lived through it. Thinking on the fact that a year has now passed since the earthquake hit, it also is a reminder of how much reconstruction still needs to happen. There are still thousands living in temporary houses, some still without running water. There are still people without work, struggling to regain the lives they had.
Please, pray for these people who still feel so displaced.

Temporary Housing Community

In honor of those who worked, and continue to work, on reconstructing the region around Tome and Dichato our church held a breakfast last Sunday. We invited fireman, policeman, and others who responded to the initial needs of the people after February 27th.


Breakfast Table Groups

We also invited those who have been elected presidents and secretaries for the temporary home encampments. Though living in temporary housing themselves, these people are still responding to the day-to-day needs of those living in the camps of houses that the government constructed after the earthquake.


Getting to Know One Another

The breakfast was a big success, leaders from our church were spread out among tables to dialogue with those invited as to how they are feeling now, a year later; how they felt like the church responded to the situation; and simply to share their stories.


Our Table

We were placed with a few people from the camp in Dichato we worked at with the group from Merge, along with some women who live a bit outside of Dichato. It was a good time to simply talk and share what it happening in our lives, where we came from, and what the Lord is doing. The two women are sisters, and they have begun going to a free school offered in their camp to get their high school equivalency diploma. They were very sweet, and though their lives were completely turned upside down from the earthquake, we've really never sensed any bitterness – from anyone we've talked to.


Jordan Setting Up

All that to say, keep praying for these people! They are coming up on their second fall/winter season without permanent homes, so pray for the Lord's protection to cover them and their families. Pray also for guidance in how we, our church, and other aid organizations can come alongside of them!

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