Tuesday, March 15, 2011

30 Days More

Today we were approved for 30 day visas, as we have yet to get all the paperwork together for our semi-permanent missionary visas. Thankfully, the man at the foreign embassy office was feeling full of grace today and even gave us a few days extra because we pleaded our case with him.

To explain further, for all of you out there that don't know, you can only apply for a tourist visa once in Chile. Yes, maybe you already knew that, but we unfortunately didn't. That said, we went into the visa office yesterday planning to simply renew our visas another 90 days, so that the church here could get all the paperwork done for our extended stay as missionaries. Welp, we were quickly informed we couldn't just ask for more time, but again - very gracefully - the man told us we could have 30 days (No More!) to get our act (and paperwork) together. Of course, we waited until the EXACT day that our old visas expired, so we definitely would have had to high-tail it out of the country for a few days had we not been given this temporary visa. Living on the edge is just our style I guess.

So, now here we are, thankful that we didn't have to leave for Argentina for a few days, but also praying that the church documents don't take too long to get together.

Hope your Tuesday has been a blast!

Missy and Jordan

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