Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another Anniversary

In thinking about all the things that were happening this time last year, it is also the “anniversary” of when we felt the call to come down here for long-term missions work. When Missy left for Chile last year for the month of February, we had already been seeking the Lord for months as to what He desired from us – since both of us felt the desire to serve abroad. While she was there, doors began to open in our hearts for the people of Chile and the ministries that were here. When she arrived home, only leaving Santiago 4 hours before the earthquake hit, it became a prayer-marathon of intercession for the people of Chile.

Something happens when you spend extended time in prayer for someone, your heart becomes entwined in theirs, you love them and care for them – even if you don't actually know them. This is what happened to us, our hearts yearned to be in Chile, serving the people, but for the next few months our call was to sit, wait, and simply pray for them unceasingly.

We waited for 7 months, and though it seemed like forever, God was preparing us in those days to be in His timing, not our own. September we finally got to board a plane to come down here, and now that we've been here for 6 months, we can both say that that time of preparation was completely necessary and served such a purpose. All that to say, thank you so much for all of your prayers and intercession on our behalf, we truly feel the blessings of the faithful day to day down here.

Some prayer requests we have:

  • Continued guidance for the future, very broad, but that we would be in the Lord's will for the timing of our stay down here and how we spend our days serving

  • We are traveling with Jordan's mom up to Santiago this Friday, she will be leaving for Oregon on Saturday, pray safety over her and our travels

  • Pray for the upcoming soccer tournament our church is hosting

  • For the construction of the church building that has begun, for the Preuniversity that the church runs, that the Lord would provide for both of these ministries

  • All the ministries that are happening in our church: women, youth, discipleship, married, prayer

  • For our visas, which we need to renew by March 15th

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  1. I will totally be praying about your visa!! I am still waiting to hear about my visa for India. I'm the only team member to get denied. So I will remember to pray for yours too. Love your pictures. You guys are so cute. Love the Mt. Hood picture. Miss you guys. Praying for your ministry in Chile, always.