Monday, February 14, 2011

The Last few days...

So there has been a lot going on lately around here. we will start with this video clip

So in case you hadn't heard, we had our first official earthquake since we have been here on Friday the 14th (somewhere between 6.8 -7.1 depending on your source), it was really odd because we were out working in a field (as you can see in the video). Before this weekend, we have felt tremors, and they have been a little weird, but to be standing on dirt and feel an earthquake was all together a weird experience. in the 72 hours since this earthquake there have been a lot of tremors, and a lot of strong ones nearly 10 over 6 on the Richter scale.

Panchi, Paula, Missy, and Alejandra at the camp

Pastor Luciano drinking juice with lunch

The youth pastor, Fernando, head pastor, Luciano, and I discuss something important.

The amazing thing is that people just go on with their daily business as if nothing is going on. Saturday we went back out to the church camp for the bible classes for the youth, then ate, and played soccer for a while. Today (Sunday the 14th) church was canceled because many people went to other cities to be with their families over the weekend, so Pastor Luciano and I went up once again to the camp to start cutting trees down for firewood.

one of the piles of wood we cut today, we need around 1500-2000 pieces to make it through the winter

All in all things are slowing down a bit, as it seems the summer is slowly winding down to a close. It is about time for the students to head back to their classes, parents are also are finishing up vacation time. We are looking forward to a different season of work down here!

We have a few prayer requests:
-Sleep for us
-Church building, We are building a new building as a church down here, are they are a few funds issues right now, Pray the and mis-understandings would be resolved.
-Peace for the people of Tome and the whole region, and us about all the tremors.
-Unity for the body of Christ in Chile

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and support
Jordan and Missy

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  1. "Y que el Dios de la paciencia y del consuelo os conceda tener el mismo sentir los unos para con los otros conforme a Cristo Jesús"
    Romanos 15:5

    I love you both! Mom