Friday, February 11, 2011

Campamento IPECH 2011


Last week I went with the youth group on a camping trip to the annual conference of Covenant churches in Chile. Here in Chile, there are 10 Covenant churches in all, and they span from the northern deserts to the southern islands. There were about 300 people all together, and 20 of us from the church in Tome.


We had a really good time of fellowship – within our group and with the group as a whole – and I think it was a real faith-building opportunity for some of the kids in the youth group.

Many of them have been in the church here in Tome for just over a year now, and they have grown so much (which is so cool to witness!). The few days we had at the camp (near the town of Coelemu, which is about 1.5 hours north of Tome) were very purposeful in that the kids from our group were able to spend some time with a big group of other believers from all over Chile.


It was also a good opportunity for me to practice Spanish, since Jordan stayed in Tome to work on the construction projects, it was all-Spanish-all-the-time for about 2.5 days – and boy was it exhausting!

Tita Steph and I

That coupled with the fact that we were camping and you never sleep well when camping AND it was a youth event meant for a very tiring few days for me! So when we got home on Thursday it was straight to bed for a good long rest. All in a all a very cool trip, and we had a great time!




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