Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Endless Summer

Since we arrived here in September, the weather has been really nice – basically summer - and having just left summer in the States, we've now completed close to a year without a Fall or Winter! I think my internal clock is a little messed up because of that, especially when we were celebrating Christmas in the middle of sunny summer days!

That said, today is a pretty crummy looking day,

Foggy Weather

AND I'm all bundled up in a sweater and my slippers


AND we are getting wood ready for the winter


So all that to say...it's beginning to seem a lot like fall.


But, exciting at the same time to experience fall in Tome, Chile. We're still a ways out from actually entering the fall season, but I'm definitely excited to see some crunchy leaves!

Hope whatever season you're in right now is fantastic!


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