Monday, April 23, 2012

Missions Monday: Im-pacto Misionero

Hey all,

During Passion week the church had a couple Bible studies, and as part of that they made a new missions board that they have been putting up every Sunday since. 

We got a chance to answer some questions that they then posted as part of this board, along with all the other missions activities and missionaries that they are involved in/know. It's awesome to be a part of a church so focused on missions, a reminder that no matter where in the world you are you're a part of the Great Commission as a follower of Jesus! 

This church is very rightly named "Friends of the Mission" and that is truly a role they have played here in Tome, and in other parts of South America and the world!

Here are some pictures from the Bible study night. Jordan was filming so unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of him, but I was in charge of the little ones that night so that their parents could be a part of the Bible study without distraction. 

We traveled from the table to the floor and by the end of the night had taken out every single toy in the Children's Ministry, but we had a great time and the kids were super - sitting still for a two hour Bible study is not easy for 3-5 year-olds!

Have a great Monday,

Jordan and Missy

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