Friday, April 13, 2012

Kids Easter Excitement

Hey all,

I know I just posted a picture of these little flowers we made at Sunday school over the Easter weekend, but we all had a blast making them - and they are so easy! Usually made with pipe cleaners (though I couldn't find any down here) we made do with some wiry home decoration cut into pieces. Just add on a cut out hand print and you are good to go!

Jordan and I bought Bibles for all the little ones as well, we had prayed over it a lot, and when it came down to it - basically none of my Sunday school regulars have their own Bible! We found some great ones that also have pictures for the really little ones....after I handed them out they spent the rest of the class asking me to read different parts of "the big book." Seriously awesome to see them interested in Holy Scripture!

Love and blessings to all,
Missy and Jordan

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  1. So awesome and so good of you both to hear Holy Spirit tell you to do this. The gift of the words of LIFE on the day of Resurrection and offer of gift of Life Eternal by believing and trusting in Lord Jesus Christ!

    Pappa Reid