Monday, March 26, 2012

Missions Monday

Hey All!
Better late than's "Mission Monday" is simply being grateful for the people God has put into our lives that are also serving away from their native country, specifically Petter!

Petter and Alejandro

Petter is the brother of our dear dear friend Ida, and hails from Sweden. He is currently serving in Ecuador with his wife and son. We had the opportunity to meet him last week before he headed home, and hear him preach on Saturday and Sunday.

It is just amazing the amount of people we have met, and how they have encouraged us down here. Also amazing, when you meet someone and you have the option of choosing which language you are going to converse with that person in. In Petter's case, I was all for going English, but instead we had our conversation in Spanish (he is one of those awesome Sweds that knows Swedish, English, and Spanish) because that's what suited him at the time. Seriously it is experiences like this that I have to pinch myself and think - how awesome is it to be fluent in not just one but two different languages!?! It's been a long journey, and we are continuing to study, but being fluent in Spanish no longer is some far-off pipe dream.

Anyway, may God bless Petter and his work in Ecuador, it was awesome to meet him and get to know a little bit of his story of serving the Lord abroad!


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