Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Missions Monday

Every week we try to listen to a sermon in English on our day off...usually because we are both so busy on Sunday mornings working with the Media and Kids Ministries we miss the preaching. That, and it is always nice to get some English down here! 

We've usually found ourselves listening to older sermons by Ron Mehl, which are always very encouraging and entertaining. What an amazing man he was. 

Awhile back he talked about how each day can have a prayer "theme" with Monday's theme being Missions. 

In our preparation for coming down here to serve we both read a handful of biographies of missionaries. Finding so much encouragement from them we are always looking for other missionary books - and the one we've most currently picked up is about Hudson Taylor - sent down by J's dad. I had seen a one-man play about the life of Hudson Taylor a few years ago, and remember being so amazed at what the Lord did through him. Reading his life story now in more depth has only deepened my respect for this man and how the Lord used him in China. So amazing to think about the obstacles men and women faced not so long ago to spread the gospel. Of course this made me think more about our missionaries all over the world, and how so many suffer and are still very seriously risking their lives to share Christ. 

Sometimes it can get lonely down here in Chile, or sometimes we just wish our house didn't have rats or leaks, but when it comes down to it, we aren't really suffering. We were sent to a country where it is legal and safe to practice Christianity, and people are very open to hearing the Gospel. We haven't faced harassment or  arrest or death when we share our faith. We have it pretty easy in the big scheme of things. 

All this to say, maybe you too can begin to remember Missions Mondays, and pray for those men and women around the world who have left the comfort of their homes and stepped out in faith to follow God's calling. Pray for those, too, who are supporting missions from home. As the Great Commission reminds us, we are all called to be missionaries, so pray for those who are called to support missions financially, those who are witnessing to people in their own towns, and those faithful who are prayer warriors for the mission field. 

Jordan and I understand now that a "missionary" is so much more than one who simply travels to another country to share Jesus. There are so many that God calls together just to send one person abroad. Yet another reminder of how important the body of Christ is in the church.

If you are interested in missionary biographies some of the books I would recommend include:

- Brushko (All time favorite about a boy going into the jungle of South America to reach out to a native tribe)
- End of the Spear (Another REALLY good one about a son returning with his family to the Ecuadorian tribe where his father was killed while serving as a missionary pilot. I haven't seen the movie, but the book is worth reading first!)
-Peace Child (Another book about a young family living with a very dangerous native tribe in New Guinea)

Those should keep you busy for awhile, let me know if you have any other reading suggestions!

Blessings today, 
Missy (and Jordan!)

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