Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Outreach Event

So I have been planning a kids event in the center of town (the plaza) for like....ever! Hoping we could get the help we needed to run something like that, praying for the city to give us the time to rent the plaza for the event, etc.

Well, it finally happened!

We had an extravaganza of Tome proportions last week in the plaza; filled with music, dancing, crafts, games, prizes, and evangelism!

It was an amazing time of seeing just how faithful God is, and how He moves at just the right time.

Initially I wasn't too sure it would even work out -- mostly because I was given a full 2-days notice to get it all together, and then when we arrived there was a huge stage and band being set up in the exact place we were going to hold the event. In the end, however, it ALL worked out and we got to spent the day playing with kids, sharing Jesus with them and their families, and just loving on the people in Tome. I had some amazing helpers that made it go so smoothly - namely a group of Bible school students who did some skits and another group of girls who do outreach events in the form of music and dancing. Everyone came together to really engage all the kids passing through the plaza that day, and it was an amazing boost to see so many kids dancing and singing along to some upbeat Christian tunes, and then praying with us for Jesus to come into their hearts!

We are hoping to do another event soon -- now that I've got one under my belt it seems so doable to plan another!


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