Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Garden Update

Hey everyone! We are going camping this week, but wanted to leave you with some exciting pictures of our growing garden. We are already eating "una caleta" (a TON) of lettuce everyday, and it just seems to keep growing!

Small bed with lettuce, some beets, a tomato and zucchini plant

Large bed with tomatoes, beets, lettuce, garlic and zucchini

The garlic plants

The tomato plants are tied up to posts, but are still all over the place

We've got a big mix of lettuce types, with some beautiful Romaine that I grew from seed

Flowers from the zucchini

Imac checking things out

Jordan built a little bench a few weeks ago, it offers a great view of the bay of Tome. 

Blessings, may you all have a wonderful week.

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