Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So I decided to try my hand at gardening...and though I wasn't too sure about where my thumb was on the green scale, Jordan and I have worked hard the past few weeks to see if anything would grow in our vegetable garden.

Here is the before shot:
We had to work the soil like crazy because it is basically clay. After adding in a good amount of sand and organic material (along with a bit of better dirt) it was looking a lot better.

Now for some of the after shots...
The beets are doing really well! Go beets go!

Also, the garlic has popped up super fast...

The lettuce has a few good sprouts, I'm hoping more make their way to the surface, I'd really like some organic lettuce.

Alright, so my tomato seeds weren't having any of it so with these plants I kind of cheated and bought some tomato seedlings from the farmers market -- they were 20 cents a plant, how could I not?

And that's where we are at so far with the gardening, it's been a blast (and I'm a little in awe) to see the little plants come up out of nowhere and grow. How amazing, don't you think?


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  1. Oh my gosh--your garden is growing so nicely! I'm glad the critters are staying away!