Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Craft Time!

Hey All,
We've been spending some time babysitting lately, and I thought I would post a neat craft we just did with some of our kids today -- paper making. It's super fun and easy, and it also has some cool teaching moments too. Hope you are all having a fantastic week.

Making paper out of flowers:

So, I first did this with my babysitter way back when, and thought it might be cool to try out 15 years later...

First, go get a bunch of flowers from around your area, we were strictly only getting the ones that had already fallen off the bush, because they are going to be mashed up any way. 
After collecting them we spread them out on a table and took out any and all non-petal materials, like the stamens (teaching moment!) and pine needles. 
Put the flowers into a blender with some water...some websites say to put the water in first about an inch up the side of the blender. 
Blend for a minute or two until all the flower is mixed up into a pulp (teaching moment, what is pulp!), this was especially interesting for the kiddos. If you want, at this point, you can add some small bits of paper you want to recycle and blend those in, just to bulk it up a bit.
Pour some pulp onto a flat sieve or anything screen-like that the water can drain from, over something to catch the water, we used a cookie sheet.
Mold into the shape of your choice.
Let dry and voila! Fun flower-paper.

Have a great day, many blessings

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