Thursday, July 8, 2010

An Exciting Letter

Well, it’s been awhile since our last update, and honestly it was mostly because we had little to update everyone with! We’ve been waiting for about a month and a half now for a letter from the pastor in Chile responding to the letter our pastors at Riversgate sent down there. I’m exciting to say we received a letter yesterday from the pastor of Amigos de la Misión church in Tomé, Chile! Pastor Luciano’s response to our letter was insightful, encouraging, and really opened up the communication between our church here in Portland, and the church in Tomé. How exciting it is to see how the Lord has orchestrated this relationship between churches already, though they have never met! It was also encouraging to hear how the church down there can use our help, and how excited they are to have us in Tomé!

Some of the things Pastor Luciano mentioned in his letter were specific ways that we can come alongside the church and serve. These included developing the children’s ministry, young married couples ministry, Missy teaching classes, Jordan working with media presentations and communication, and serving the youth group. It was really a blessing to see how Pastor Luciano revealed how both Jordan and I could serve together in some areas, and how our presence was valuable from the individual talents we can bring as well. What a step in our journey this is!

It’s hard to believe how the praying, seeking, asking, and waiting is really coming together, and I can only praise God for His leading in this area, and His challenges as we wait and grow and learn to seek Him more and more. I think that there are going to be some amazing learning opportunities in Tomé, but I also think about how the past 5 months have been full of learning experiences since I first returned from Chile.

Thank you all of you who have been praying for us, may you continue to intercede with us for the people of Chile who are still without some of the basic necessities. There is a fundraiser that Pastor Luciano is currently working on to buy hot water bottles for families without heat this winter (it is currently winter in Chile) to keep them warm at night. If you are interested in seeing some pictures from their hot water bottle-raiser, go here.

Can’t tell you how thrilled we are for this answered prayer, looking forward to sharing more as it comes…!


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